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About Me
Gender: Male
Music Information
My Main Instrument : Vocals
Other Instruments : Piano ,
Music Style : Hip Hop/R&B ,
Member of a Band, Duo, Choir, Orchestra : Glenn Lumanta
Music Biography : Glenn Lumanta is an up and coming RnB/Soul artist residing in the west side of Sydney. Born in the Philippines and raised in Sydney, he has always had an affinity from music even from a young age, and has grown to have an incredible love, respect and passion for it. For the the most part of his early years, he learned to play the piano by ear. As a young boy he was exposed to many of the great artists of decades past, through endless afternoons with his father's stereo on blast; tunes from Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Billy Joel, Elton John, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Whitney Houston, the list goes on. When he was 14, he picked up the guitar and began writing his own songs. Starting off his Youtube account in 2007, Glenn's soulful voice has helped him clock over 2 million total views on YouTube, with content ranging from covers to collaborations, to original music, featuring keyboard and/or guitar arrangements. The buzz created by his Youtube account has earned the attention and accolades of music industry professionals worldwide and now performs in several residencies around Sydney. He currently is studying at the Australian Institute of Music, which has further expanded his musical knowledge, delving into the worlds of Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Neo-Soul and many more. With his debut EP entitled 'In My Element', Glenn Lumanta is set to rise in 2017
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